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Who we are

Quodem is an international company that provides consulting services and digital transformation solutions. We boast a track record of more than 15 years of experience and over 2,000 projects completed all over the world. Creativity, Specialization, Flexibility and Value are the pillars of our company. This is the reason why more than 80 leading companies have chosen Quodem to take the leap into digitalization.

Our mission

Quodem’s mission is to be a global digital and value-added solutions company, supporting the growth of leading companies in their markets.

Our vision

Quodem’s vision is to improve and optimize the business development processes of our clients through the innovative use of information technologies, seeking excellence in the provision of our services. It is also to offer our employees a workplace that is based on trust, pride in belonging and professional development, contributing to their personal happiness.

Our values


  • Strong work ethic, integrity and honesty.
  • People are our main assets: because of who they are, their knowledge and skills.
  • We respect people and we embrace multiculturalism and diversity of traditions.


  • Compliance with legislation and Quodem’s principles, policies and standards.
  • Committed to social actions and defenders of the environment.
  • We promote health

Drive to excel

  • We like doing things right.
  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We bring experience, sectoral specialization, technology and global vision.
  • We are proactive: we offer solutions and plan ahead.
  • We keep on studying, researching and developing.
  • We broaden our knowledge, welcoming new ideas.
  • We update processes to improve the quality of services.

Why trust us?

  • Creativity: we anticipate trends to create innovative, differentiated products and services.
  • Experience: more than 15 years of experience working with leading companies in their markets.
  • Specialization: in the identification of needs, the design of solutions and their implementation in projects.
  • Flexibility: we adapt and involve ourselves fully in the project.
  • Proactiveness: we meet and enrich the needs of our clients.
  • News: we offer relevant information on the digital transformation of companies. Subscribe to our newsletter.


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