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Certification in accordance with the National High Category Security Scheme

Information security is a fundamental aspect for any public or private organization, especially those that handle sensitive or confidential data as is the case of organizations in the sector health.
The National Security Scheme (ENS) provides a set of measures and guidelines in order to guarantee the security of information in public administrations and the private organizations that provide them services.

The importance of having an approved and certified partner in the ENS

Having an approved and certified partner in the high category National Security Scheme guarantees that the security requirements established by the regulations are met.
This not only protects your organization’s data and information, but also helps prevent potential cyber-attacks and information leaks.

In addition, it can help your organization to comply with legal and regulatory requirements regarding information security, avoid possible sanctions by public administrations and promote an image of professionalism and compliance regulations in all your digital projects.

At Quodem we have carried out a rigorous and exhaustive process to obtain high-category ENS compliance certification. Contact us to develop your digital project following the highest aligned standards and certified with the National Security Scheme.


Do you want to develop your digital project following the highest standards aligned and certified with the ENS?