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Technological innovation and strategic design to achieve your goals

We help you meet your challenges head on and to achieve your business objectives by applying the most advanced innovation methodologies.
We put ourselves in your users and customers’ shoes to discover and focus on their needs to create a successful digital product that brings them value.

We help you keep uncertainty to a minimum

How many times have you asked yourself:

In the current context of uncertainty and a saturated and ultra-digitalised market, we help you keep uncertainty to a minimum.
The key lies in surprising your users or customers with a digital product that delivers the expected value and satisfies their needs.

Technological innovation methodologies

We apply the most advanced strategic innovation and design methodologies to help you achieve your business objectives. Design thinking to explore, devise and test, Lean to build the correct product and Agile to build the product properly.


Design Thinking

To understand and empathise with your users or customers, devise solutions aligned with the needs that contribute value and validate the hypotheses with a representative sample of your real users.

Generally, ideas emerge in a messy, confused way that is full of uncertainty, Design Thinking gives us powerful tools to clarify the path towards a successful product that adds value.


Design Thinking Stages


Empathise, define, devise, prototype, test.
At the end of this process, we will have radically reduced the uncertainty and will be able to start building our minimum viable product.

Lean to build the right product

By applying the Lean methodology, we are going to build our digital product in an incremental way. The first step is to define a valuable, feasible and usable MVP (minimum viable product).


MVP (minimum viable product)

The goal is to get it into the hands of your customers or users as soon as possible to start the Build – Measure – Learn on the foundation of the MVP (minimum viable product). Depending on the data obtained and the feedback from our users, we learn about and develop the digital product.


Agile to build the product correctly

The Agile methodologies help us to build our digital product in an incremental and interactive way in short development cycles, called Sprints. This way, we adapt better to environments with uncertainty in which it is necessary to minimise the risk and maximise the value contributed to your customer or user.

agile y diseño estratégico

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We are in the middle of the digital era, and in order to advance and be competitive, you have to establish digital marketing strategies that make a difference with your competition. At Quodem we are experts in consultancy and implementation of digital tools adapted to your business sector and company size.