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Digital Intelligence
in Healthcare

We apply digital innovation across all areas of the healthcare sector to help our clients achieve their business goals. We focus on optimising the use of information and data to maximise performance and efficiency in every process and decision.

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We have attended to the World Economic Forum at its headquarters in Geneva

Our Director Rafael Palomino Rodríguez has been present at the Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare providing our vision on how to accelerate the transition to value-based health care Follow us

Leaders in Value Based Healthcare (VBHC)

We have been firmly committed to VBHC for years. Ministries, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, among others, trust us for their projects. This translates into real platforms and projects collecting data from thousands of patients in hospitals throughout Spain and Europe. We show you

First WordPress VIP Silver Partner of Spain and Latin America

WordPress VIP is the high-end service aimed at large companies that require all the ease and adaptability of WordPress in a 100% secure environment, high-performance infrastructure, the highest code quality standards, and specialized technical support. More information

National Security Scheme "High Category"

At Quodem we have carried out a rigorous and exhaustive process to obtain high-category ENS compliance certification, key for the development of projects in the field of health and public administrations. More information

The best digital talent when and where you need it

As a technology company we cover all the needs of your projects with our Talent as a service (TaaS) model. You can hire work teams or specific profiles, in full-time, part-time, remote or in-house modalities, sick leave coverage, etc.

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Burnout in the Health Professional

Online tool for the prevention and treatment of Burnout syndrome in health professionals. Both the methodology and the action plans that are proposed to users have been developed by a team of expert psychologists

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Take the next step
towards digitalization

The digitalization of your business processes will lead to a direct increase in business productivity and turnover, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changes in the market.

Talent management is
vital for the growth of organizations

The assessment of skills and their optimization through new gamified learning experiences will make it possible for you to attract and retain talent—a key component of digital transformation.

Transforming organizations
for the new digital era

Your digital transformation strategy must be underpinned by agile methodologies for strategic innovation and design, as a data-driven approach is a fundamental pillar in the decision-making process.

Digital solutions for
the new era of healthcare

Outcomes-based precision medicine enables care to be tailored, improving quality of care, reducing the cost and variability of outcomes.
Supported by patient-centric healthcare professional engagement strategies, they will bring your organization to the forefront of the new era.



Machine Learning y Data Science: