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Learning Experiences for training management

At Quodem, we are firm believers in the Learning Experience approach and processes for creating training management experiences. It lets participants get 100% involved and achieve the desired training outcomes in an immersive way that focuses on your objectives.

Liquid Learning Cycle

liquid learning cycle

Through the Liquid Learning concept, development plans can be adapted to the real needs of each profile.


Customised assessment for each user.

  • Welcome Pack. Gradual adaptation to the functions of the model. Objectives and customisation of profiles.
  • Learning Styles. Identification of the student’s learning model with advice for its best use.
  • Soft-skill Assessment. Assessment of the user’s soft skills and its starting point in each of them.
  • Knowledge Assessment. Initial evaluation of knowledge and level in each area.

Liquid Learning

  • Individual Learning Plans. Together with the business objectives, a customised plan is drawn up by profile.
  • Formative Journeys. Through training itineraries, training is adapted to the learning pace and abilities of students.
  • Interactive Learning. Tools and functions to complement training, tutoring, coaching, mentoring, Master Class, external resources, group activities, etc.

Data Driven Learning

Feedback: all the data generated is analysed and the learning model is fed back through advanced algorithms for its optimisation.

  • Descriptive Analytics: Deep learning: Cycle Learning Customisation.
  • Advanced Analytics: identification of levers to improve and enhance the training process.
  • Predictive Analytics: incorporation of external data sources to create predictive models > Deep Learning.
  • Customised contents depending on the role and needs of the user according to their training evolution.

Learning Experiences Functions

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