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Value Based Healthcare:
tools for digital health

At Quodem, we implement Value-Based Healthcare, the new paradigm of Digital Healthcare, which has emerged from outcomes-based technological breakthroughs, scientific innovation and patients’ cultural changes.

Value-Based Healthcare Vs Traditional Medicine Model

Reasons for implementing Value Based Healthcare in digital health

At Quodem, we have been working on digital projects in the health sector for over 15 years. The objective of implementing Digital Health tools is to improve patient care. These are some of the most important keys:

Metodología ICHOM

ICHOM is a non-profit institution that is promoting an international collaborative project to determine value-based outcome indicators. ICHOM has developed its own standard set that includes:


At Quodem, we take ICHOM methodology as a point of reference for the development of digital health actions and Value Based Healthcare.

Agents involved in digital health: Value-Based Healthcare

Concerning Value Based Healthcare, an ecosystem has been created focused on the methodology of results obtained like ICHOM and in Digital Health solutions, in which all the components form a perfect gear:

  • Providers: they have the tools to understand how treatments affect quality of life.
  • Consumers (Healthcare Professionals): choose the most appropriate treatments thanks to these tools.
  • Pharmaceutical companies: recruit the providers to facilitate the two aforementioned points.
  • Governments (Public health administration): develop policies that support value-based medical attention.
  • Patients: benefit from this new model, which improves their quality of life.

Digital Health focused on patient benefit

There has been a major step in traditional medicine based on the quantity of services provided towards medicine based on the value of services. All these advances can be used by patients and have a better quality of Digital Health service:

  • Cost savings.
  • Improved quality.
  • Optimisation of results.
  • Comparison between professionals.

Value Based Healthcare: Benefits for agents involved in digital health

  • Quality care
  • Improve experience in all the steps of the Journey Map
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Focus on prevention: improves patient health
  • More effective therapies
  • Better adaptation of medical treatments: customised medicine


  • Greater efficiency of the system
  • Effectiveness of resources: results measurement
  • Improve service quality: Attracting more patients (insurers and private sector)
  • Reduction and/or maintenance of system costs


  • Improvement of clinical results
  • Alignment of professionals in their way of working
  • Digital processes: new services and assets
  • Collaboration tool:
  • Offer of processes for health providers: incentives and loyalty
  • Better knowledge of health professionals and detection of KOL
  • Possibility of associating the purchase of products with results measurement services
  • Measurement of real effectiveness of treatments and therapies: Improvements for R&D and medical departments

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