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LCMS platform for corporate training
for corporate training

At Quodem, we put online training solutions at your fingertips through LCMS platforms that are accessible using any device, with full customisation and integration with external systems such as content management systems or other LMSs.

LCMS skills assessment platform

This e-learning platform is ideal for corporate skills assessment, for different areas of work or professional activities that you want to assess. Perfect for talent spotting or other training needs of participants.
It includes all kinds of training material (PowerPoint, multimedia, PDF, Flash, HTML, videos) for each of the courses that are taught. Your company can access this through access control with the integration of user registration and single sign on, which ensures security and privacy for users.
At the end of each course, an exam will be held to assess the knowledge acquired and obtain the respective qualification. The LMS platform generates a report of results and statistics for each user, training process and skills evaluation that your company can assess for decision making.

LCMS, the Quodem e-learning platform

At Quodem, we have developed our own training solution, combining 3 distinguishing concepts in a single platform:

The result is LCMS, a fully configurable platform to adapt to your business. It main features are:

  • Web application, accessible from any marketplace.
  • Collaboration amongst students.
  • Changeable modules for business processes.
  • Multilanguage and multidevice.
  • User management.
  • Microsoft technology and standards.
  • Cloud infrastructure (Azure).
  • User-administered.
  • Gamified platform.
  • Classifications.
  • Quizzes.
  • Discussion forum.

Advantages of using the Quodem platform

With the Quodem LCMS platform , solutions, you will have many more advantages than with other standard ones.

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