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Software Digital signature
for companies

At Quodem, we offer secure digital signatures for companies for documents and contracts, with legal guarantees through using any device and from anywhere.

Custody and digital signing of documents

Custody service and document management that allows the digital signature of documents and contracts for companies through different electronic systems.

A comprehensive proposal for the custody, management and digital signature of documents

Types of digital signatures

Characteristics of the digital signature of documents

  • Generation of certificates with legal validity.
  • Processing and management of several documents from the same application.
  • Integration with other corporate applications such as CRM and other business data sources.
  • Traceability of each user action: signed and unsigned contracts, user statistics, etc.

Advantages of the remote digital signature

Why trust us?

How does the Biometric signature system work?

It uses an electronic document biometric signature engine, which has an advanced biometric handwritten signature algorithm used to capture the handwritten signature from touch screen devices.

  • It presents the document to be signed for review.
  • It requests the user’s signature with biometric data capture.
  • It generates and displays the document containing the information captured, linked to the document’s content.
  • It stores and seals the document.

Our customers use digital signature software for

  • Purchase and sale contracts.
  • Medical consents.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Electronic voting.
  • Generation of access codes.
  • Acknowledgments of receipt.
  • Certificates.
  • Safe custody of documents.
  • Adherence documents.
  • Contracting of policies.
  • Acceptance of the GDPR terms.
  • Signing of agreements with suppliers.

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