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Business biostatistics
applied to your business

Business biostatistics consists in the application of conventional statistics to life sciences such as biology, genetics or medicine, therefore enhancing statistical thinking with data collection and the scientific method to respond to hypotheses. It is also applicable to other business areas such as marketing agencies, departments and Internet service companies or training or legal centres that manage large amounts of data. That is why biostatistics is a powerful digital tool that can assist them with data analysis.

Types of statistical analysis:

  • Descriptive techniques
  • Estimation and statistical tests
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Simulation techniques
  • Survey processing and interpretation
  • Meta-analysis
  • Doctoral theses
  • Factor analysis

How we apply company biostatistics analysis

Biostatistical techniques and analyses are systematically used in most companies and institutions for decision-making, especially in the field of health such as public health, epidemiology, medicine, genetic populations or bioassays. Although biostatistics is a powerful digital tool applicable to other sectors, we must first detect the subject to be studied in order to implement the functionality that best suits the established objectives, principally:

Once we obtain the data to be studied from Quodem as experts with over 15 years of experience in the collection and treatment of data with our specialists and mathematical analyses, we extract value from the data by modelling the risks in order to detect the key points of the information and devise the solution from the hypotheses raised on the basis of the statistical study with biostatistics.

Benefits of business biostatistics

Through the study of data, we achieve a better understanding of the information obtained in the studies carried out, and can capture patterns or trends in order to solve the hypotheses raised as well as the saving of study time of the personnel involved through statistical analysis, with the consequent economic benefit for companies


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