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Digitalisation for HR departments

Quodem has developed a comprehensive plan for digitalisation for HR departments and in the processes involved in the development of these areas.

HR digitalization

1. Talent Selection and Recruitment


Enroller is a digital tool that detects the talent of candidates and employees.

With the highest psychometric standards, it is able to measure the most important digital skills in the digital age:

  • Learning agility.
  • Teamwork.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Adaptation to changes.

It is completely adaptable and customizable to the specific needs of each customer.

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2. RPA – process digitalisation

Robotic process automation

RPA – RPA technology enables the creation of robots for the automation of tasks and business processes without human intervention.

The future of HR is to contribute value as a Business Partner, automating processes that do not contribute value to your activity.

  • Onboarding and hiring of employees.
  • Payroll.
  • Tax management.
  • Compensation and benefits.
  • Training and development processes.
  • Reports and reporting.
  • Digital signing of documents.

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3. Data science

People analytics

People Analytics – Talent analytics. Decision making (data driven) in all HR decisions based on the management of employee information, processes, salaries, functions, performance, objectives, etc.

  • Real and objective measurement.
  • Improves focus of efforts and productivity.
  • Direct comparison of correlated KPIS.
  • Greater precision in target identification.

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4. Professional career development

Training– New learning experience

Liquid Learning Cycle – the concept of liquid, active, dynamic and customised training based on the needs of the employee. Continuous feedback based on data generated.

LCMS platform – a platform that brings together CMS, LMS and Gamification.

Digital onboarding – Digitalisation of the administrative process. Initial reception of the employee: welcome, general information, department information, team information, organisation chart… Contents and initial training of the employee.

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5. Employee engagement


We must seek innovation and the engagement of our employees in all HR projects.
Our gamification projects help you

  • Engagement: Increases user motivation.
  • Fun: Turns boring tasks and processes into fun and enjoyable ones.
  • Learning: Deepens learning in a simple way.
  • Image: Improves the image of our department.

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6. Talent Outsourcing

In-house professionals

We provide the best in-house professionals for the digital transformation of your company.
Talent management and selection of different profiles for different professional sectors, heading customized selection processes according to business needs.
What we provide:

  • Differentiation: we go above and beyond what a recruitment agency does.
  • Experience: we have been working in digital transformation for 15 years.
  • Specialists: we have In-depth knowledge of the digital sector.
  • Consultancy: advice on profile skills.
  • Customisation: customised selection of professionals.
  • Efficiency: acceleration of the process in the shortest time possible.
  • Comprehensive support: ongoing monitoring and support for professionals.
  • HR Team human resources professionals who are specialists in digital profiles.

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Implement digitalisation for your HR department with new recruitment techniques and new initiatives for your employees.