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Gamification solutions for companies
Boost engagement and motivation

At Quodem, we use the most advanced game dynamics and game mechanics to improve the outcomes of your projects.

What are the benefits of gamification for companies?

  • Engagement. It increases the motivation of your teams and customers.
  • Encourages action. Captures in an easier way the attention of participants.
  • Fun. Turns boring tasks and processes into fun and enjoyable ones.
  • Learning. Enhance your learning in a simple way to acquire new skills.

Gamification for your departments

Regardless of your company and the projects you develop, there is always a place for gamification.

Why trust Quodem?

We are the best option for your gamification projects:

  • We are specialists in gamification for companies and our success stories prove this.
  • Thousands of users have taken part in our gamification projects.
  • Over 50 innovative games developed.
  • An established international company with over 15 years of experience.
  • We have developed over 2,000 digital projects, applying gamification techniques in most of them.
  • Gamification platform.
  • We work with over 80 customers, 80% of which are major multinational companies.
  • We have the best team of multidisciplinary professionals (designers, artists, Ux specialists, analysts, programmers, software architects, specialist consultants, etc.)
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5 examples of gamification for companies

Gamification Methodology

A methodology based on the application of the most advanced psychological theories:


Some of our gamification applications and platforms

We have a gamified solution tailored for your needs:


Do you want to trust Quodem for your gamification projects?

Trust us with your gamification project, or ask us how we can implement it in your departments. At Quodem we have a large team of multidisciplinary professionals (designers, creatives, Ux specialists, analysts, programmers, software architects, specialised consultants, etc.) Shall we get started?