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Healthcare worker HCP digital engagement

In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is essential for the pharmaceutical industry to deploy initiatives aimed at strengthening clinical and scientific collaboration with healthcare professionals.

HCP Engagement

Approximately 70% of professionals are digital natives, which implies that both in their professional work and in their private lives they expect a customised digital interaction that is of interest to them. Similarly, the social change caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to definitively promote new channels of interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare professional beyond the agent’s face-to-face visit.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry is not yet very mature compared with other large sectors in terms of the digital maturity of its activity, and therefore still has a lot of room for improvement in this aspect.

Gráfico de madurez digital según el sector

It is therefore evident that laboratories are not adapted to what health professionals demand in terms of the use of digital channels, not only for commercial communication between both parties, but also, and especially, for the other facets of their relationship: training, science and support for the clinical activity of the health professional.

Quodem has over 15 years of experience in the implementation of initiatives aimed at promoting the digital transformation of its customers in general, and specifically in their relationships with health professionals. We work on the definition of the digital solution that best responds to the business need, to the necessary consulting for the use of the technology that best suits that need. Similarly, we develop and provide comprehensive support to the project, thus offering a global solution.


Main areas of activity

Ongoing medical training

With over 150 training actions per year for healthcare professionals, Quodem is the company with most certifications in Spain.

Associated activities:

  • LMS solutions
  • Training courses and solutions
  • Content generation (scientific and professional skills)
  • Gamification
  • Simulators, role play and clinical cases
  • Official accreditation of health professionals
  • Technical secretariat and management of diplomas

B2B platforms: Distribution and pharmacies

The reduction of margins within the drug distribution value chain causes the laboratory to strengthen commercial ties with distribution cooperatives and pharmacies.

Our platform, used by over 6,000 pharmacies in Spain, enables the management of:

eDetailing – support for medical consultations

Digital support with information about the products and services of the pharmaceutical laboratories in an auxiliary capacity to visiting doctors.

E-Detailing is defined as the use of a digital support to support the medical visit. The information and content provided to the healthcare professional can be:

  • Product Information
  • Study Results
  • Training in a pathology
  • Academic training
  • Market Studies
  • Prescribing Habits

Of the 99% of doctors who use the Internet, 89% seek to update their medical knowledge. The regulation of medical visits by the Administration and the fact that health professionals demand quality information and training, means that there is a strategic change trending within the sector to increase the efficiency of its sales processes, looking for alternative channels that complement the traditional medical visit. These types of programmes usually access between 50% and 40% of doctors recruited and between 40% and 30% complete it, which indicates its very high percentage of impact.

Dissemination and promotion among the medical community of promotional materials in digital format as a complement to the medical visit.


MSL platform

What is an MSL?

A Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is a professional in the pharmaceutical industry with advanced scientific training, who develops relationships with the main KOLs of a key pathology for the pharmaceutical laboratory. Their activity helps to guarantee the effective use of the product, serving as a provider of scientific resources for the healthcare professional.

Our platform optimises the task performed by MSL, providing a technological and innovative environment to strengthen the scientific ties of the MSL with the KOL.

Ejemplos de App de plataforma MSL

Verification of healthcare professionals

Support for the registration of the healthcare professional in the laboratory’s digital assets, verifying their identity and guaranteeing maximum quality in our customers’ databases.

  • Verification at different levels (Quodem, customer and public databases)
  • Integration with corporate CRM
  • Comprehensive GDPR management
  • End user support

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