7 Features of the Patient Smart Value Patient Management System

sistema de gestión de pacientes


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7 Features of the Patient Smart Value Patient Management System

Measuring the quality of your services and how your patients perceive it is key to improving care and the results.

As you know, Value-Based Healthcare is the scientific paradigm that allows us to identify the value generated in your clinical and care processes through standardized measurement of them.

By implementing tools based on Value-Based Healthcare in your company can mean a before and after in the quality of your services. Bringing the best service to the patient and guaranteeing them a satisfactory experience.

Below we reveal these keys so that you can learn about Patient Smart Value and thus significantly improve the patient management system in your health center.

How? Thanks to the integration of Patient Smart Value, the easy solution is to implement Value-Based Healthcare in your health center.

Patient Smart Value is Plug and Play

To help you know how your patients value the service they receive, we have designed Patient Smart Value. A solution focused on service processes that globally measure your service.

Thanks to it, you access relevant information that will allow you to improve your processes and standards.

It is a cloud solution that works independently, so you will not need to make high investments or costly efforts in IT integrations. Also, Patient Smart Value is Plug and Play. You have to register your patients in the system and choose the best way to contact them so they can fill the questionnaire. The communication options are WhatsApp, SMS, consultation, or by phone.

Multiple channels of contact with patients according to their needs

Once you have registered your patients in the system, you can choose the best way to contact them so that they can complete a questionnaire to assess the services provided. Depending on the needs of your users, you can offer them the multiple contact channels mentioned above, an SMS, WhatsApp, in person at the consultation itself, or by telephone.

It consists of a program that allows you to delve into the patient’s experience and learn how they value the service they receive from your health centers. Patient Smart Value, give access to your patients to the questionnaire. The results are collected through the PROMs –  the clinical and satisfaction experience of your patients will be measured through the PREMs.

All the data is stored in a revolutionary dashboard. In it, you will find the analysis of your care processes, all the data on the assessment of patients of your services, and a comparison with other health centers. In addition, you will be able to consult the history of your patients and compare the data with other professionals in the health sector.

By accessing the tool, which will be at your disposal at any time, it will present the relevant information to make strategic decisions to improve your service and the quality of life of your patients.

No need for integration with healthcare center systems

Another of the outstanding features of Patient Smart Value is that it is a Cloud solution. Therefore, it works independently. It does not require investments or efforts in expensive computer integrations to integrate it into your systems.

Boosting the work of health professionals

patient management system-Data-Science

Thanks to this comprehensive solution, you will measure the components of your work team, identifying those health professionals who need to improve and, specifically, in what aspects they should do.

In this way, with the set of valuable information collected, you will be able to define the best practices based on success data. Also, establish specific methodologies for patient care among your health personnel, and prioritize those areas that must be strengthened in each phase of the process of your center.

Compliance with GDPR standards

We are also aware that the collection of clinical data can be costly. Resulting in abundant bureaucratic procedures, problems with data protection, or the need to have medical resources dedicated explicitly to collect data.

However, with Patient Smart Value, you can forget about approvals and complex legal processes. Without the need to immerse yourself in them, one of the benefits of this solution is that the system automatically collects the patient’s consent and complies with all GDPR standards.

Patient Smart Value uses the most advanced Data Science techniques

On the other hand, the tool uses the most advanced Data Science techniques. Allowing us to analyze and make sense of the data, adding value. Based on this technology, improvement processes are identified in comprehensive management with patients to offer completely satisfactory assistance -thanks to the set of data stored.

Dashboard shared with the patient management system

In this revolutionary dashboard, you will have all the information presented graphically. With structured metrics, the evolution of your patients in real-time, your patient’s satisfaction history, and comparative reports between other centers in the sector and your health professionals.

Dashboard-patient management system

Being able to access at any time, the set of data stored in the Dashboard will allow you to discover the patient’s assessment of each of your services. And, consequently, address and enhance those areas of your center that needs improvements.

Patient Smart Value: Patient management system tailored to you

We know that the patient experience matters and is one of the pillars of your business. For this reason, Patient Smart Value brings you the necessary information to improve your service and the quality of life of your patients, adapting to the needs of your health center.

It is a completely flexible and adaptable solution to suit you. Whether it is a small clinic or private practice, as well as large hospitals, health insurers or areas of the pharmaceutical sector.

Do you want to know how your patients value the service they receive?

Patient Smart Value is made for you! You can get more information here. One of our advisors will advise you on the best solution for your health center, fully adapted to your needs.

At Quodem we have maintained the focus of our activity on improving patient care by implementing digital health projects based on Value Based Healthcare for more than 15 years.

For this reason, trust us to integrate Patient Smart Value into your healthcare business and take advantage of the numerous benefits that it entails for all the agents involved in digital health.