8 Advantages in talent management in your company with the Talent in-house service

gestión del talento empresarial


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8 Advantages in talent management in your company with the Talent in-house service

In this post, you can discover the advantages of talent management with Quodem’s Talent in-house service. We implement highly qualified profiles with our Talen as a Service Model.

On more than an occasion you have had to deal with situations such as:

  • Insufficient budget to hire a person in a full-time position
  • Indefinite duration of a project
  • Lack of monitoring and control of new incorporations
  • A single person does not have the necessary knowledge

We know some of these questions may be familiar to you and, for this reason, at Quodem we developed an innovative service to respond to these difficulties. The Talent in-house service is the solution to incorporate the best digital skills in your company.

With this service model, we search for and integrate the digital and technological profiles that best suit the company’s needs. To do this, we take care of the complete management, designing a service tailored to your needs and bringing all the means closer to you.

This is what differentiates our solution from others because what you are hiring is a comprehensive service and not profiles, making the service completely different from an ETT, headhunters, or recruitment companies.

Among the numerous advantages you can benefit from our talent in-house service, we will focus on discovering the eight main ones.

1.Recruitment and Selection of candidates

To save time and costs in the long processes of recruitment and selection of personnel related to your project needs, we bring you a set of possible candidates who understand the skills and abilities that your company requires. Among those selected, you will be able to choose (always accompanied by the support of an expert Quodem consultant) the digital profile that best suits your requirements.

2.Experience in the digital environment

At Quodem we have developed technological projects for multiple multinationals for more than 15 years. Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we have been aware of the need for flexibility when hiring professional services.

In addition, to have a department dedicated to the search and hiring of digital profiles, our teams are made up of expert profiles in digital transformation and the most demanded technologies such as Drupal, WordPress, or Adobe Experience Manager, among many others.

3.Qualification analysis of the candidate for the Project

Análisis de cualificación del candidato

To guarantee the quality of the service and help you optimize your business, we conduct a preliminary study of the needs to be covered in your company and define the service based on the skills and areas of knowledge requested.

  • Objectives and KPIs that are pursued
  • Professional profiles and skills required (technical and soft skills)
  • The specific need for support (Management, technical, business, etc.)
  • Economic model sought: Full-time, part-time, hybrid, or pool of hours.

4.Save time and resources with talent Management

Once the service is defined, we take care of all the talent management;

incorporating the professional or specialist team in your company in the shortest possible time. At the same time, we provide the professional with a Welcome pack and initial development plan, always aligned to your needs.

5.Follow-up and continuous support with Talent inhouse

Throughout the entire process, a specialist consultant and our HR team will be present to advise you and ensure the quality of the service at all times.

In this way, we guarantee an effective and available service in a short period.

6.Continuous support to implant activity

In addition, to ensure Quodem’s continuous support from the beginning to the end of the service provision with talent in-house, we also give constant support for the implant activity in your company.

All professionals have direct access to the development, project management, design, and support groups, to be able to make inquiries and solve doubts or queries at any time.

7.The flexible economic model in Talent Management

Modelo económico flexible en la gestión del talento

We adapt to your budget and labor needs. In this sense, we make the service model completely flexible to suit you, covering the need to integrate a full-time, part-time, or pool of hours profile.

8.Service with casualty coverage

Likewise, if the candidate integrated into your team does not fit in or suffers a leave or long-term absence, we provide coverage immediately, facilitating the service with another of our profiles and without interruption.

9.Innovate in talent management in your departments with the Talent in-house service

As you will see, we are not a recruitment or selection company. Instead, we offer a comprehensive 360º service that places at your disposal people with the best talent in the digital and IT sector, adapting their profile to the changing business environment.

Count on the Talent in-house service from Quodem and incorporate the best specialists in digital transformation and the most advanced technologies into your departments.